The following people (and others) have expressed interest in and support for Cascadia Prepared:

Name Base Identification
Althea Rizzo Salem OR Geologic Hazards Program Coordinator, Oregon Emergency Management
Arnie Roblan Coos Bay OR Oregon State Senator
Carolyn Rasche Eugene OR Assistant District Attorney, Lane County
Chris Pryor Eugene OR Council Member, City of Eugene; fmr Executive Director, American Red Cross Oregon Pacific Chapter
Craig Wiroll Eugene OR Gigabit Portfolio Manager, Mozilla Foundation
David Youngentob Florence OR Coastal Venture Catalyst, Oregon RAIN
Dewey Whitton Salem OR Broker, The Salem Real Estate Group, Inc.
Doug Riggs Portland OR President, NW Grassroots & Communications
Ed MacMullan Portland OR Economist, ECONorthwest and Partner, Salus Resilience
Eliza Schmidkunz Eugene OR Former Publisher, Inside GNSS magazine
Elliott Dale Portland OR Attorney, Black Helterline LLP
Emily Picha Portland OR Project Manager, ECONorthwest
Giselle Barone Eugene OR Child & Family Therapist, Jasper Mountain
J Ingrid Kessler Eugene OR Owner, Emergency Veterinary Hospital; Director, Lane Electric Coop
James Barta Portland OR Legislative Director, Children First for Oregon
Jamison Cavallaro Portland OR Environmental Planner
Jefferson Smith Portland OR Executive Director, XRAY.FM; former State Representative
Jeremy Rogers Portland OR Vice President, Oregon Business Council
Joe Cortright Portland OR Economist, Impresa
John Lively Springfield OR State Representative, Veterans & Emergency Services Committee; fmr Springfield Mayor
John Mullin Portland OR Legislative Advocate, Oregon Law Center
John Tapogna Portland OR President, ECONorthwest
Jon Bartholomew Portland OR Associate State Director – Advocacy, AARP Oregon
Joshua Skov Eugene OR City of Eugene Budget Committee member
Joy Marshall Eugene OR Lane County Director, Stand for Children
Justin Vaccaro Eugene OR Financial Advisor, Raymond James Financial
Kitty Piercy Eugene OR Former Mayor, City of Eugene; former House Minority Leader
Lianne Thompson Astoria OR Clatsop County Commissioner; member AOC Public Safety Committee
Lucy Vinis Eugene OR Mayor, City of Eugene
Mark Frohnmayer Eugene OR Founder & President, Arcimoto; fmr Oregon Transportation Commissioner
Mark Koenig Corvallis OR Asst VP for Advancement Services, Oregon State University Foundation
Mark Nystrom Salem OR Energy, Environment & Land Use Policy Manager, Assn of Oregon Counties
Matt Sayre Eugene OR Eugene Director, Technology Association of Oregon
Michael Williams Portland OR Attorney and Managing Partner, WDOLaw
Neil Peterson Seattle WA Founder, Chairman and CEO of Edge Foundation; Principal of Transportation Solutions
Pascal Schubert Seattle WA Executive Director, Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup
Patrick Sieng Portland OR Government Relations, Association of Oregon Counties
Paul Evans Salem OR State Representative; Chair, Veterans & Emergency Services Committee
Renee Buchanan Eugene OR Program Coordinator, Oregon CASA Network
Robert Johnson Eugene OR Principal, Johnson Broderick Engineering
Spencer Karel Salem OR Marion County Emergency Management