Small businesses are especially vulnerable to the effects of natural disasters.  There are many resources to help businesses develop continuity plans, including this one from FEMA.  Keep in mind, however, that in a CSZ event your business will likely be isolated from your employees, your suppliers and your customers – not only because of broken transportation links, but also by the lack of electrical, water, sewer, wastewater and phone service for an indefinite period.

As you think about increasing your business’s resilience, consider that everyone in your facilities when the quake happens may be stranded there for several weeks: employees, customers, clients – anyone on the premises.  Make sure you have adequate reserves of emergency food, water, and other emergency gear set aside and rotated regularly.  Also train your staff in “duck, cover and hold,” know which of your facilities are likely to withstand extreme shaking or not, and plan accordingly for evacuation and shelter.

Cascadia Prepared encourages businesses in similar industries to collaborate with each other, perhaps through industry associations, to develop plans and solutions that don’t require everyone to reinvent the wheel.  Please contact us if you would like help organizing for resilience.