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What are the chances of “The Big One” in the next 20 years?

Estimates vary, and it depends on what you mean by The Big One.  According to OSU geologists, there have been quakes of magnitude 8 or 9 every 200 years or so for the past 5,600 years.  There has been only one interval longer than the current 317 years during that period; that was about 330 years.  The incidence of magnitude 8+ quakes is slightly higher than the “full rip” 9+ quakes, but even the 8+ quakes are more destructive than anything felt in North America in hundreds of years.  The best advice is to be prepared, since the next big quake could occur at any time.

What is the government doing about it?

The state government has created a Chief Resilience Officer position, maintains the Office of Emergency Management in the military department, and the Oregon Seismic Safety Policy Advisory Commission.  Both the House and the Senate have appointed committees on emergency preparedness, and allocated funds for seismic upgrades to schools and bridges.

Many city and county governments maintain emergency management departments.  The Association of Oregon Counties has created a Public Safety Committee on Resilience to develop solutions.

While there are many government agencies working on disaster resilience, they are underfunded relative to the threat posed by the impending CSZ quake.  Cascadia Prepared’s mission is to supplement these efforts by creating strong resilience programs in the private sector in partnership with them.