Cascadia Prepared will help you prepare for disasters like the CSZ quake (whether you become a member, or contribute, or not).  But the key question is how resilient the entire population and the economic infrastructure are.  If there hasn’t been sufficient planning and preparation by the time the CSZ shatters, the authorities will be completely overwhelmed.  Thousands of bridge failures will prevent moving emergency and repair vehicles where they’re needed.  There will be no services like electricity, water, waste disposal, telephone, etc.  Fuel supplies will be exhausted in a few days, and we Cascadians will be completely dependent on outside resources to rescue us.

Your membership in Cascadia Prepared will enable us to facilitate work in each of these areas, and to advocate for more.  If one person in 100 is currently prepared to survive 14 days on their own, that means there are 99 people who need help. That’s a 99:1 ratio of need to preparation.  If our efforts succeed in helping 10 people get ready instead of just one, that reduces the ratio to 9:1 instead.  And so forth.

As a member, you’ll be informed about opportunities to participate in solutions, both local and more broadly in the region.  You will be among the first to know about new resources that CPrep is working with our partners to produce, such as:

  • wallet cards and posters with information about how to prepare your home and car, and how to recover quickly
  • survival guides and maps to carry when you travel with information about what to do if you are stranded on the road

We are truly in a situation where if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.  Cascadia Prepared members are not only contributing to the community’s resilience, you are helping us drive toward more global solutions.

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