The next big Cascadia quake may come any time – but not today.  Let’s help each other get ready

You can’t protect your business from the quake without help

We all know that “The Really Big One” is coming.  We just don’t know when.

An event of this magnitude poses a threat, not just to people living and working in unreinforced masonry buildings, not just to residents and tourists in the tsunami inundation zone on the coast, but to the entire Oregon economy and way of life.

Large businesses may be in a better position than most to prepare for the quake and its aftermath: to ensure that their facilities are seismically resilient, that there are 14 days’ worth of emergency food, water and medical supplies to take care of any employees or customers on the premises when the quake hits.  You may indeed be able to come through the quake in good shape.

But there are many factors your business can’t control.  Despite the best efforts of emergency and transportation managers, federal, state and local:

  • Thousands of bridges across the region may collapse or become unusable, preventing the flow of products to and from your business for weeks or months; perhaps even preventing you or your employees from coming to work.
  • The energy depot in Portland will likely collapse, making liquid fuel unavailable for a long time.
  • Communication lines, water, sewage, airports, water ports, and electrical service will likely fail, and will be very difficult to fix due to lack of road connections and fuel.

There are many things the public sector, private individuals, and businesses like yours can do to prevent or mitigate the worst effects of the Cascadia Subduction Zone quake and tsunami.  We need to ramp up these efforts aggressively.

Cascadia Prepared is helping to spur this ramped-up effort to increase disaster resilience across our entire region.  We are working with legislators, emergency managers at all levels, businesses and their associations, on multiple projects.  Our projects share important elements:

  • They don’t cost a lot of money (unlike repairing or replacing bridges and vulnerable buildings).
  • They help raise public awareness and support for emergency planning and resilience work.
  • They impart a sense of urgency, but also optimism that these efforts will pay off many times over.
  • They help build cohesion of industry groups and communities through mutual support.
  • They rely on partnerships among people and organizations pursuing a common goal.
  • They build on best practices developed by experts.

Your sponsorship of Cascadia Prepared will help accelerate the pace of building disaster resilience across our entire region.  Together we can mitigate the damage the CSZ quake will cause, minimize the loss of life and property, and shorten the time until your business is back in full operation.  (What would it be worth to reduce your down time by, say, several weeks?)

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