Helping to build community resilience is everyone’s job.  The recent “Cascadia Rising” exercise confirmed that our region is largely unprepared for the CSZ event.  That lack of preparedness is a threat, not only to physical safety against the tsunami or collapsing buildings or bridges, but also to economic recovery after the initial period of disruption.  Many small businesses will close as their customers and employees can’t get to them, and their supply chain dries up.  Depending on the severity of the quake, we may have many thousands of refugees who used to be taxpayers, workers, customers or business operators.

Cascadia Prepared believes we have many tools to mitigate these threats, and we are committed to making them work.  We believe our investments in improving the resilience of our physical and social infrastructure will pay off dozens of times over after the inevitable occurs.

Your membership and/or sponsorship of our programs will benefit you as well as the community, since no one will be immune from the disruptive effects of the CSZ event.  Even better, volunteering to help with those programs will help make them that much more effective.

Join us!