Cascadia Prepared forms active partnerships on specific projects with other organizations involved in building community resilience.  We believe that improving our resilience to disasters is only part of making healthier communities, whether we’re talking about a geographical area (city, county, state or the whole Cascadia Region), the business community, or the social community.

Our partners include individual businesses and non-government organizations, industry and professional associations, and government agencies at all levels.  We expect these productive relationships to grow in number and effectiveness over time.

  • CREW (Cascade Region Earthquake Workgroup): a coalition of private and public representatives working together to improve the ability of Cascadia Region communities, businesses and homeowners to reduce the effects of earthquakes. Formed in the 1990s and funded by FEMA.
  • OSSPAC (Oregon State Seismic Policy Advisory Committee): a group of individuals coordinated by the Oregon Office of Emergency Management to promote earthquake awareness and preparedness through education, research and legislation.
  • AOC (Associated Oregon Counties) Public Safety Subcommittee on Resilience: a convening and problem-solving entity dedicated to the improvement of community and personal resilience in Oregon.
  • OEMA (Oregon Emergency Management Association):  a statewide association of emergency managers, emergency responders, government agencies, elected officials, and providers of products, services, or resources who are committed to building strong partnerships to minimize the impacts of disasters on the citizens and communities of Oregon.
  • OEM (Oregon Office of Emergency Management):  a division of the Oregon Military Dept
  • OPDR (Oregon Partnership for Disaster Resilience): an applied research program of the University of Oregon working toward the mission of creating a disaster resilient state.

Other community-based organizations with whom CPrep intends to build working relationships:

  • Seismic Shift: an independent nonprofit organization to promote earthquake resilience in Portland.
  • SNAP (Seattle Neighborhoods Actively Prepare), a program of Seattle Office of Emergency Management, which works to organize neighbors block by block and includes household preparedness and practice drills.
  • PREP (Planning for Resilience & Emergency Preparedness): a Portland-centric collaborative effort between citizen volunteers, community groups, and governmental agencies.