There’s no shortage of websites and other resources with suggestions on how to gather the resources you’ll need in a disaster situation.  One or more “go bags” are essential components to your emergency strategy.  You may not have time to grab anything else before evacuating a dangerous building in case of quake, fire or flood, so assemble them carefully.

The key things to remember:

  • Where will you keep the bag?  The trunk of your car is often a good option.  Other locations to consider include under your bed or in a closet near an outside door.
  • How many people (and pets) will need to survive on the contents of the bag?  You may get stranded on the road with 3 or more people in your car, for example.
  • How long will the bag likely need to last?  Three days is an absolute minimum.
  • What other resources are you likely to have nearby?

Here are some websites worth looking at for ideas.  Some of them offer emergency items for sale, including the bag (usually a back pack style).  For example, the Red Cross offers a 3-day kit, including back pack, for under $100.

FEMA Emergency Supply List (1-page, 2 side brochure suitable for handouts).  Also see this article: Grab And Go.

wikiHow to Make a Go Bag

Bug-out bag (Wikipedia)

Pack a “Go Bag” (

Be Prepared for an Emergency. Be Red Cross Ready!